Our survey. Lee Anderson is Backbencher of the Year. 

Paul Goodman

“He’s recently been in the news for laying into Gary Neville, which will have done his cause no harm at all.”

My special report from the frontline in southern Ukraine

Lord Ashcroft

“As I crossed the border after three days that I will never forget, I felt a mixture of despair, admiration, and optimism.”

“Bit obvious this one, isn’t it?” Our survey. Ben Wallace is Minister of the Year. 

Paul Goodman

“It’s a tribute to the topsy-turvy nature of 2022 that Johnson, Truss, and Sunak were all eligible to both Minister of the Year and Backbencher of the Year.”

Theresa May doesn’t seem to have factored in how unpopular Sturgeon’s Bill is in Scotland – with its self ID attack on women’s rights 

Murdo Fraser MSP

“At the heart of the controversy lies the concerns of many women’s groups that a policy of self-ID of gender will leave women an girls vulnerable to males abusing the system to gain access to spaces reserved to females.”

Our final Cabinet League Table of the Year. Sunak calms it down (or brings stasis, if you prefer) 

Paul Goodman and Henry Hill

“The Defence Secretary stays top, and he, Kemi Badenoch and James Cleverly remain the only three Cabinet members to score above 50 points in both November’s and this Christmas survey .”

This year we may finally bring an end to the Chagossian tragedy 

David Snoxell

“I am grateful to ConservativeHome for publishing my Chagos assessments every Christmas.new year since 2012. A decade later, we are close to a resolution.”

Our survey. Seven in ten Party members support the Government’s pay policy. One in five believe in exceptions for some cases – “such as the nurses” 

Paul Goodman

“We will see whether the number grows or falls if the dispute is still unresolved at the end of January – the month in which pressures on the NHS are often at their most intense.”

We must find a better lens than GDP through which to assess the economy 

Henry Haslam 

“As Robert Kennedy put it in 1968: ‘it measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile.’”

Our survey. A plurality of the panel supports the Conservative Democratic Organisation. 

Paul Goodman

“Forty per cent say they do, 33 per cent say they don’t – and 28 per cent say that they don’t know.”

Merry Christmas to all our readers 

Paul Goodman

“And the ConHome team wishes all of you a very Happy New Year.”

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