The trans conversion therapy ban. Can we hear from Badenoch, please? 

Paul Goodman

“As I write, she appears to be in her office communicating unhappiness to Conservative MPs about legislation for which she herself will be responsible.”

The revolt over the Online Safety Bill encapsulates the bind Sunak is in 

Henry Hill

“There are enough mutinous MPs to sink almost any legislation, and he is in no position to face them down in the name of the bigger picture.”

Levelling-up. Can it really be achieved in a new age of austerity? 

William Atkinson

“Germany has come closer to managing it – but take a look at the bill: an average of £71 billion between 1990 and 2014. That’s a little bit more than the £2 billion Sunak was sharing out yesterday.”

Sunak – one of the few remaining centre-right leaders in major countries. As an era of Big Government rolls on. 

Andrew Gimson

“Should conservative parties pursue liberal-minded centrist support or compete against far-Right populists for working-class voters?”

How ventures in space bring benefits to Earth – and not least to Britain 

Lord Willetts

“The billionaires get the significance of Space – and regard their activities as some eccentric self-indulgence is to fail to grasp what they are really up to.”

Starmer. He’s no Blair – and is weak on the economy. But he doesn’t frighten voters. Which may get him over the line. 

David Gauke

“It isn’t clear how Labour can meet Jeremy Hunt’s fiscal rules whilst still promising a huge investment to deliver ‘a green economy’.”

In memory of Paul Johnson 

Adrian Lee

“His achievements as a journalist, historian, and broadcaster were immense. He should be read by all those seeking to challenge the wrongful dogmatisms of the “progressive” Left.”

The Online Safety Bill. “Legal But Harmful” had to go. Here’s why. 

Michelle Donelan MP

“I could not in good conscience allow a Bill to continue that would have fundamentally changed the nature of the way we interact with one another for the worse.’”

The environment shouldn’t be weaponised against free trade 

Catherine McBride

“It is absurd for the UK to lecture nations with much stronger environmental records whilst using creative accounting to flatter our own CO2 emissions.”

Bristol’s councillors demand for rent controls ignores their own failings

Zachary Spiro

“The Council set planning targets for new housing that were too low and still failed to meet them. The underlying source of the eye-watering prices is due to demand and supply.”

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