There’s no evidence that Tory activists want Johnson back in Downing Street – and quite a bit to the contrary 

Paul Goodman

“Lockdowns, the Paterson affair, parties, and by-elections took their toll on his Cabinet League Table rating – plus a sense among the panel that this government was too left-wing.”

Conservative Stakhanovism – or the perils of a simplistic crackdown on the economically inactive

Henry Hill

“There is a danger, not to mention an irony, in a conservatism that views a mother, carer, or retiree as just an inactive worker.”

Bridgen and vaccines. A cautionary tale in vanishing down a rabbit hole. 

William Atkinson

“Backbench scepticism of government policy is a vital party of our democracy. But defending it should not mean justifying the appalling – or simply wrong.”

Cleaning away graffiti could be an easy win for the Government 

Harry Phibbs

“Some regard it as a trivial issue. But the voters do not agree. A comprehensive, national, free graffiti removal service could make a big difference.”

Profile: Simon Clarke, the Trussite rebel urging Sunak to be braver and more radical 

Andrew Gimson

“Like Margaret Thatcher, he does not regard the preservation of the status quo as either morally acceptable or practically possible.”

Britain should help Armenia face down Azeri aggression over Nagorno-Karabakh 

Georgia L. Gilholy

“Talk of building a global alliance of democracies will fall flat if we visibly neglect smaller, more difficult, and less fashionable causes.”

How to deliver Sunak’s promises 

Sir John Redwood MP

“The Government urgently needs a growth package – to boost investment in energy, food, transport, and other areas where there are shortages.”

The Government needs to stop funding the charities blocking its programme 

Poppy Coburn

“Our laws are now indisputably biased towards far-left organisations, and unfairly penalise ideologically-aligned groups that have a right-wing programme.’”

Why conservatives of any stripe should want to give the Elgin Marbles back to Greece 

Rebecca Lowe

“Those who believe the world’s heritage should be curated by universal museums hold hardcore ideologised radical views.”

Sunak is incapable of being interesting. This could be a formidable political advantage. 

Will Lloyd

“Polls predict another 1997 for the Conservative Party. And yet, watching Keir Starmer’s speech the day after Sunak’s – the only man in the country who may be more boring than the Prime Minister – another scenario emerges.”

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