Sunak’s Protocol Deal – and a question for Conservative MPs. Should the perfect be the enemy of the better?

Paul Goodman

“It’s possible that he has pulled off a political coup, begun radically to re-set the UK’s relationship with the EU – and created the circumstances in which voters may give him a second look.”

Fairly or not, Starmer appointing Gray will only further polarisation of British politics 

Henry Hill

“One need not think Conservatives are right to mistrust the Civil Service to recognise that a move which fuels such feelings is dangerous.”

The Lockdown Files. By making Hancock the pandemic’s pantomime villain, we obscure the dysfunctional system around him. 

William Atkinson

“What these messages reveal – if we needed telling – is that politicians and scientists were overwhelmed by a crisis for which they were unprepared and did not understand.”

A day with Lee Anderson. Has the Party tried to muzzle you? He’s been told “keep saying what you’re saying”. 

Andrew Gimson 

“A day out with the new Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, former miner, Labour councillor, and admirer of Benn, Scargill, and Skinner.”

MPs should scrap Martyn’s Law – and instead make Prevent do its job 

Poppy Coburn

“Outsourcing the delicate work of threat detection to venues will do little good, whilst heaping fresh pressure on a struggling sector.”

We should use Blair and Hague’s report to start a campaign for innovation 

Lord Willetts

“We cannot assume that everyone just automatically assumes research and development is a good thing.”

China is interfering in Canadian elections, but Trudeau seems angrier at those who leaked it 

Yuan Yi Zhu

“Little surprise that, in the words of a Chinese diplomat, “the Liberal Party of Canada is becoming the only party that the PRC can support.””

The Windsor agreement is a triumph for Britain – and an opportunity for the Conservatives. 

Andrea Leadsom MP

“I am so proud of the developments we have seen in the last week. It is proof that the Prime Minister is a man who will deliver for the nation.”

Fifteen-minute cities are not a socialist plot 

Nicholas Boys Smith

“They are a repackaging of a timeless, even a Scrutonian, ideal: of the need for home and for neighbourhood as we make our brief passage through the world.”

A chaplain preaching freedom of conscience. Children scuffing the Quran. That’s what gets you kicked out of school in Tory Britain. 

Henry Hill

“From the ballooning power of progressive HR politics to the growth of de facto blasphemy laws, thirteen years of Conservative rule have made little impact.”

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