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Lend-Grow’s online marketplace of more than 1,000 lenders offers U.S. borrowers student refinancing loans from $5,000 to $750,000. Regardless of whether a program was completed, borrowers can refinance federal or private student loans used for professional courses or toward associate, bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Also, parents may apply to refinance Parent PLUS loans through the Lend-Grow marketplace.

Initially, student loan refinancing matches will be limited to 10,000 customers.

Lend-Grow connects borrowers with community banks and credit unions that have less exposure than other lenders but that may have competitive rates and terms. The idea is that borrowers can get the best student loan refinancing deals possible because lenders compete for their business.

Borrowers can complete an online form to see if they prequalify, which can result in offers from lender partners.

Once an offer is chosen, the borrower is directed to the lender’s website to continue the application process. The timeline from approval to disbursal depends on the lender.

Select borrowers in certain states may be able to enroll in Lend-Grow’s Payback Rewards program. Payback Rewards will deposit 0.10% APR of your loan amount every month for up to three years, as long as your account is active and you pay on time.

Loan terms are five, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years, with fixed interest rates from 2.8% and variable rates from 1.89%. You may refinance from $5,000 to $750,000 of federal and private student loans, and limits depend on whether your student loans were used for undergraduate, graduate or professional degree programs.

Lend-Grow’s lender partners charge neither prepayment penalties nor origination or application fees.

Lend-Grow offers a 0.10% autopay discount that is factored into its rates.

If you are seeking to lower your payment, you can look at longer terms or variable-rate loans. Lenders within the online marketplace offer rates based on your credit history, income, loan term and type of interest rate.

Federal or private student loans for undergraduate, graduate or professional programs qualify for refinancing. If you did not finish your program, you are still eligible for Lend-Grow refinancing. Also, parents can refinance Parent PLUS loans they took to pay for their children’s education.

Lend-Grow allows you to prequalify and check your rate using a soft inquiry that will not hurt your credit. Applying with a creditworthy co-signer can help you take advantage of refinancing when you can’t qualify on your own. A co-signer can also help you get a better interest rate on your refinance.

Lend-Grow matches lenders to borrowers based on credit profile, income, loan term and type of interest rate. Minimum credit scores, as a result, depend on the lender and the loan.

The company’s online prequalification process will check your credit eligibility and rate without hurting your credit.

Lend-Grow operates in the United States and facilitates student loan processing between borrowers and local lender partners.

Lend-Grow has neither a rating with the Better Business Bureau nor a Trustpilot score and no complaints logged in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Consumer Complaint Database.

Borrowers will need to direct questions about loan offers or applications to Lend-Grow and specific loan concerns to lenders. You can find contact information for your lender in your loan offer and reach Lend-Grow at

Lend-Grow is an online marketplace that connects lenders with borrowers looking to refinance student loans. You can prequalify, explore the best rates for your credit profile and get matched with the best loan offer for you through the Lend-Grow website.

Once you accept an offer, Lend-Grow is no longer involved in the loan process. You will be routed to the lender’s website to complete the loan application, and the lender funds your loan and handles your payments.

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