The government’s sports stadium safety regulator has announced a review with Sheffield Wednesday and local authorities into the crushing and overcrowding at Hillsborough that was reported by Newcastle fans during an FA Cup match.

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority told Sky News it wanted to “learn any lessons” after expressing concerns about the incident.

A crush in the same lower tier at the Leppings Lane End at Sheffield Wednesday’s stadium at the 1989 FA Cup semi-final led to the deaths of 97 Liverpool supporters.

Footage emerged after Saturday’s match of congestion around the exit to the tunnel.

A spokesperson for the Sports Grounds Safety Authority told Sky News: “We are concerned by reports of overcrowding and crushing at the FA Cup tie between Sheffield Wednesday and Newcastle United at Hillsborough Stadium on Saturday evening.

“The SGSA is now working with the club, Sheffield City Council and the Safety Advisory Group to review the event, learn any lessons and ensure a safe environment for football fans.”

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority issues licences for fans to attend stadiums in the Premier League and English Football League and oversees local authorities in approving safety certificates for venues.

The FA have also said they will speak to officials at Sheffield Wednesday and Newcastle United as well as South Yorkshire police following the reports of overcrowding.

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