On this week’s episode of ClimateCast, Tom Heap heads to Aberdeenshire to enjoy some local “peated” whisky – but what actually is peat and why are its uses so controversial?

Peatlands, also known as bogs, are key in the UK’s fight against climate change.

Their spongy soil stores vast amounts of carbon and are a haven for biodiversity – but their commercial benefits are endless too from heating homes to flavouring famous Scottish whisky.

As Scotland contemplates banning the digging and burning of peat, Tom hikes across some of the country’s bogs to discover their wonders.

He also visits a family-run business who’ve been selling peat to locals for generations, as well as a distillery who say they can restore more peat than they use for their tipple.

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Producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse

Editors: Paul Stanworth & Philly Beaumont

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