CONSERVATIVE MP Andrew Bridgen spent most of last week under concerted attack for a tweet quoting an Israeli consultant cardiologist who declared that the dangerous and useless experimental gene therapies which have been forced on the public by an international network of criminals and fools comprising most of the British political and media elite are the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust. 

In a cynical and desperate statement in the House of Parliament, this tweet was condemned by incompetent former Health Secretary Matt Hancock as ’disgusting and dangerous anti-Semitic, anti-vax, anti-scientific conspiracy theories’. 

In a clearly rehearsed move, Hancock’s statements were immediately acclaimed by the Prime Minister and Bridgen was suspended from the criminal mafia popularly known as the Conservative Party.

The fact that Bridgen’s statement contained no anti-Semitic content at all has already been pointed out by dozens of writers and scientists, including many Jews. So what? This rhetoric is being used not because it corresponds to the truth but as a weapon to defend corruption and lies. It is only on this basis that the current regime survives. It is also for this reason that Julian Assange remains a prisoner in Belmarsh.

Hancock’s rhetoric is an example of what Polish psychologist Andrew Lobaczewski called paramoralisation. The essence of Hancock’s objections is that Bridgen’s integrity threatens to expose his own corruption. Because he can’t say this openly, he presents his complaints in pseudo-moral terms intended to stigmatise, defame and confuse.

Implicit in Hancock’s attacks is the claim that he has more authority to determine the proper way to refer to the Holocaust than Holocaust survivors themselves: as Andrew Barr pointed out in the Daily Sceptic last week, Vera Sharav has made exactly the same argument as the Israeli doctor Bridgen cited. 

It is also worth repeating that Jews were originally imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto on the back of claims of medical emergency, ostensibly as a measure to fight a cholera epidemic. The claim that repressive governments are acting for the sake of ‘saving lives’ is a standard feature of the totalitarian playbook.

What is really at stake here is the entirely cynical instrumentalisation of the memory of the Holocaust by Hancock and his allies to deflect from their stupidity, their cowardice, their corruption and their lies. Hancock and Sunak and their collaborators are standing behind the bodies of millions of murdered Jews to shield themselves from criticism of their deadly and disastrous decisions. 

Hegel remarked that nobody learns anything from history except that nobody learns anything from history. Still, the idea behind safeguarding historical memory and especially the memory of the Holocaust is to prevent political atrocities from happening by understanding critically how they occur.

From this point of view, the crimes of the National Socialists, and also the Bolsheviks who were both their chief inspiration and political doubles, must be compared to the contemporary political situation and the right lessons drawn. Some of the same circumstances which led to a cabal of criminally insane fanatics taking control of great nations are also present today. Now, as then, we face a merger between state and corporate power, politicisation of art and culture, suppression of independent intellectuals, scientists and artists, systematic racism (now under the Orwellian name anti-racism) political censorship and control of the media, violation of individual autonomy, normalisation of state-backed political violence, and perpetual war.

Totalitarianism installed itself not by evil people openly declaring that they were going to do evil things, but through a gradual corrosion of ethical and intellectual standards. In these conditions pathological personalities come to acquire undue influence: Hancock is a case in point.

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