IN December the Thinking Coalition, an anti-totalitarian group of individuals, submitted an open letter to three parliamentary select committees outlining serious concerns about the World Health Organisation Pandemic Preparedness Prevention and Response (PPR) treaty, which is currently being negotiated in Geneva. The treaty and the International Health Regulation (IHR) amendments will fundamentally change the role of the WHO from advisory body to an entity that drafts and upholds legally binding policies for us and other member states. The treaty and IHR amendments will empower the WHO to function in matters far beyond the remit of a health-promoting organisation, and the draft proposal represents an extraordinary change to the political power structures of the world, to which there is no parallel within our lifetime.

We ask fundamental questions: How can the ambition of this treaty fit within the framework of a liberal democracy such as the UK, and how could the requisite checks and balances, essential to the security of our democratic system, assert themselves within its strictures? Our assessment is that it cannot and we need only to observe the recent behaviour of those charged with upholding our democratic values to realise that a substantial shift in our governance is already well advanced. 

A central feature of our democratic system is the clear separation of different branches of the government, separate from the judiciary and separate from the media. With the media and judiciary acting impartially, the expectation is that the rights and civil liberties of the individual are upheld and balanced with the ambitions of the government. And it is this central feature that is being reimagined in a top-down manner without our consideration or consent. For those of us that see this, it is crucial that we continue to sound the alarm. Please do share this letter with your MP and with your friends and family. You can read it in full here.

Footnote: Despite the importance of this topic, our letter has received an email acknowledgment from one committee and no reponse whatsoever from the other two.

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